Canis Lupus comes home

So…In 2016 we made our hometown Lindesberg unsafe by throwing a comeback party at Hillstreet. Lots of old friends and family showed up and even the fire brigade stopped by for a visit… After the smoke machine went bananas and set of the fire alarm. Fast forward to 2021.November 27 we will be on a hometown stage again and this time at Bytesgatan 17 (B17), right next to… well everything (busses, train, shopping, aso) since Its a small town. Anyway and regardless the size of the town, we are happy to play in our hometown for the first time in […]

News from the lair…

Klubb Radium, Karlstad is celebrating their 20th birthday and we are invited together with Z73 to play the 28th of August at Barbros Brygga.We are looking forward to meet up with friends, drink a couple glasses of choice and play, not a few but a lot of damn good songs live again. Hope to see as many of you as possible there. Yes, the number of participants are up to current restrictions. We’re still having a pandemic you know.